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Company Introduction

Xuzhou Jiufa Construction Machinery Co, Ltd. (XJCM) is a national high-tech enterprise which professionally designs, produces and deals with the rough terrain crane and other construction machinery. XJCM has the well-run technology and quality guarantee management system withISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO18001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification,
CE Certificate and GOST Certificate. As the approved "Rough terrain crane Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province, XJCM has the long-term research cooperation relationship with Jilin University. XJCM has 56 patents at present, including 15 patents for invention and 41 patents for utility models. XJCM main products include QRY series of rough terrain crane, QY series of truck crane, DGY series of multifunction pipelayer, TQK series of rapid traveling self-erecting intelligent tower crane, self-loading & self-unloading intelligent environment protecting truck and key parts of construction machinery,
etc. Thereinto, DGY series of multifunction pipelayer and self-loading & self-unloading intelligent environment protecting truck get the global patent for invention,
and TQK series of rapid traveling self-erecting intelligent tower crane is the pioneer product in China.
     The self-developed QRY series of rough terrain cranes have been identified as "high-tech products"by Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province and have been involved in "National Torch Project" by the national Ministry of science and technology.
It adopts the computer control technology, CAN bus technology, hydraulic pilot proportional control technology, electric control shift stepless speed change technology, four wheels steering locating and detection technology and security image monitoring system,
etc. So, it is a kind of high technology integrated product of mechanic, electronic and instrument. It adopts the self-produced off-road chassis, imported axles and imported gearbox. It has the features of four-wheel drive, synchronous steering, high dynamic and high trafficability characteristic.
It adopts fully hydraulic configuration and can realize the stepless speed change, crab steering and traveling with load. It is suitable for the outdoor complex road conditions construction, for example, mountain, mine, etc., and narrow site operating, for example, port, freight yards, etc. It can satisfy the different and special hoisting requirement for different industries and different users.
       XJCM was founded in 2002. The register capital is $45 Million, occupying about 200 thousand square meters area. At present, more than 100 thousand square meters of standard industrial plant, more than 9000 square meters of Science and technology R&D building and more than 7000 square meters of International trade building are available in XJCM. Until now,
XJCM has advanced machining equipment and detecting equipment, including flame cutting machine, laser cutting machine, fine plasma cutting machine, large shearing machine, large leveling machine, large press machine, 2500ton model of large scale CNC bending machine, digital display horizontal double side boring and milling machine, precision machining equipment,
Lincoln welding machine, standard spray paint line, coordinate measuring machine, welding flaw detector, etc. XJCM has production capacity more than 3000 sets of large construction machinery.
     XJCM locates in Dapeng Industrial Park, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu province, China which is the city of China construction machinery, next to the 310 national highway and the west entry and exit of Xuzhou city belt expressway. XJCM has the superior parts purchasing conditions and convenient traffic location. At present, more than 95% of QRY series of rough terrain crane, as the main product of XJCM,
is mainly exported to more than 30 countries and regions, like Africa, South America, Middle East, West Africa, East and South Asia, CIS and so on.

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